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Living and Non-Living Cells and Tissues in Trees

Only 1 percent of a dormant mature tree is biologically living while the rest is composed of non-living, structural wood cells. In other words, very little of a trees  woody volume is composed of living, metabolizing tissue; rather, the major living and growing portions of a tree are leaves, buds, roots, and a thin film or skin of cells just under the bark called the cambium. There are other living cells that are important for tree growth within the different parts of trees, especially in root tips, the apical meristem, and leaf and flower buds; however, these living cells make up a very small percentage of the total volume of a trees cells. Instead, non-living or dead cells comprise most of the volume of a tree, providing vital structural support for the living cells. Interestingly enough, trees start out in life as a germinating seed with every living cell in hyperdrive, but  as a tree seed becomes a seedling, then a sapling, then a mature tree, its living contents become less and less as a percentage of the total volume. Trees increasingly lose their living cytoplasmic cells as metabolism ceases in each cell, and although they are no longer alive, these non-living cells now provide protection, transportation, and physical support for the living ones. The Vital Role of Non-Living Cells Without the support and structure provided by non-living cells,  trees would likely die  and certainly wouldnt grow quite as large as they do. This is because non-living cells provide a vital role in the process of  how a tree grows  Ã¢â‚¬â€ from the heavy lifting of holding up the tall branches to the trees bark, which protects the thin layer of living cells underneath. This supporting and protective wood is created by cambial-hardened cells produced on the inner and outer cambial layer and sandwiched between the outer cambial layer. As a result, the bark of a tree is a product of the ongoing process of creating  sieve tubes to transport water and nutrients from the leaves to the roots and back. The sound, non-living cells of a tree are very important to helping a tree stay protected, and the bark and structural cells serve as a line of defense against insects and disease that could affect the vulnerable living tissue of the cambium that maintains life throughout the tree. New cells are formed and living cells cease metabolization as they transform into transport vessels and protective skin, creating a cycle of creation, rapid growth, slowing metabolism, and death as the tree climbs ever-higher into a healthy, full plant. When Wood Is Considered Alive and Dead For most intents and purposes, wood is considered to be the product of living cells in trees harnessing the environment around them to make proteins and form protective vessels and shells for the trees sustained growth. Wood is only technically considered dead when its separated from the tree itself, as it still serves a vital role in the plants life when attached to living cells in the tree. In other words, although wood is largely made of non-living cells — cells that no longer reproduce but instead transport nutrients to living cells — it is still considered alive if it is attached to the tree itself. However, if a branch falls off or a person cuts down a tree, the wood is considered dead because it no longer transports living matter through itself. As a result, wood that has been separated from a tree will dry up as the protoplasm hardens and the protein turns into the wood one might use in a fireplace or for building a shelf. This wood is considered dead, though the piece it was once attached to — if still attached to the tree itself — is still considered alive.

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Role Models in To Kill a Mockingbird - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 689 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/05/14 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Role Model Essay To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Did you like this example? Young people always need someone to look up to, whether it is to become something great like their idol or have an evil turn on it. In Harper Lees novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the protagonist Jean Louise, also called Scout, sees the full truth of the people in her community. Growing up around the injustices reveals the implicit corrupt souls of the people she is surrounded by. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Role Models in To Kill a Mockingbird" essay for you Create order Some in the novel seek to invoke for a teaching to go the right direction in life. Through characterization, conflict, and symbolism, Lee highlights that role models can lead a civilization into a state of mind where good and evil is shown through actions. Lee includes characterization to how the factors of each person in the novel which reflected their outlook on others. Atticus is the father of Scout and will always protect her but there is a side of him that makes him help everyone in general. Atticus arbitrated to find out the truth and tried to help out the right person. He stated Before I can live with other folks Ive got to live with myself. The only thing that doesnt abide by majority rule is a personal conscience (Lee 118). Lee incorporates multiple positive reminds of Atticus great actions on helping others that it was influenced on Scout and showed character development as a child to adult. If there were no role models with positive characterizations then scout could only be impacted with all the negative hatred encompassing her. The young characters in the novel were lacking the role models in their community because racism is looking all around even though some say they arent, you can tell by the attitude towards the black community. That can shape one as a person and affect their actions. Conflict is emphasized all throughout the novel between races since the corrupt society is bias against the black communitythen results to the injustice ness for Tom Robinson. A black male living in Maycomb, when he was accused of rape and the prey took on the innocent. Atticus stated I hope and pray I can get Jem and Scout through it without bitterness, and most of all, without catching Maycombs usual disease (Lee 117). This was referring to the bitterness of the Tom Robinsons trial and disease as racism in Maycomb. The conflict stays constant when rumors are made up and the outlook of certain people gets negative. The role models in this section are represented when Atticus stands for whats fair and courageously teaches the youngs what is right from wrong. Hes a very opened minded character and respects all perspectives but he personally wants to help people to serve justice. Lastly, Lee uses symbolism as an indirect way to e xpress her thoughts in a form of teaching. When one doesnt have as much as others do, they usually get looked down upon. In this case, Calpurnia is a caretaker of Scouts she not only treats her physically but gives lessons on real-life scenarios. As an influencer to Scout, she states Yo folks might be bettern the Cunninghams but it dont count for nothin the way your disgracin em if you cant act fit to eat at the table you can just sit in here and eat in the kitchen (Lee 26). Calpurnia recognizes the discriminatory of Scouts perspective towards Walter Cunningham since hes poor. For this reason, Scout sees as different. She then explains how everyone should be equal despite their personal differences when compared to each other. To the audience, it symbolizes as an equalizer. In the novel, Harper Lees attempt to elucidate the corruption behind the actions and mindsets of the people in Maycomb. During their time, children such as Scout needs a role model to follow the right footsteps while being taught the upright things. Maycomb was segregated both mentally and physically when someone of one race would i nteract with another, it was seen as absurd. As the new generation develops, the young need to be educated at an early age so when children mature, their attitudes towards other culture, races, and ethnicity wont have opinions only based on those elements.

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Sally Jameson Free Essays

To: Prof. Chalmers From: Travis Ramme and Meghan Smith Date: April 26th, 2007 Re: Ms. Chalmers’ Compensation Choices 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Sally Jameson or any similar topic only for you Order Now Ignoring taxation and other constraints, Ms. Jameson is better off taking the options. The stock currently trading at $18. 75 and the exercise price is $35. This may seem drastically far away. However, 5 year T-Bill rates are currently at 6. 02%. Combined with a current stock volatility of approximately 42%, this allows each option to be valued at approximately $4. 93. At this amount, Ms. Jameson’s options would be presently worth $14,790 were she to sell them. Where she to hold them instead, Ms. Jameson’s potential upside is limitless. Her possible gains would be equal to her number of options multiplied by the difference between the stock price and her exercise price of $35, assuming that the stock price is higher than $35. There is risk involved, however. If Ms. Jameson decides to hold onto the options and not sell them, it would be possible for her to earn nothing. If the stocks price where to stay below $35 dollars, Ms. Jameson’s options would be worth nothing. Comparatively, the $5000 cash bonus, where it to be invested over the 5 years at the risk free rate of 6. 02%, would yield only $6697. 44. 2. If Ms. Jameson was not allowed to sell her options before the allotted 5 years, the choice to take the options would have much more inherent risk. The current value of the options is derived from their market value. This market value means nothing if Ms. Jameson cannot sell the options. If this where the case, Ms. Jameson’s potential profits would be created solely by the Telstar stock rising to a price that was greater than $35 by the end of 5 years. In fact, to equal the $6697. 44 value of the bonus she could have chosen instead, the stock would have to reach a price of at least $37. 23. This value would allow the 3000 options to be exercised for a profit of $6697. 44. This, however, is ignoring the fact that Ms. Jameson would have to pay taxes and transaction fees. If Ms. Jameson was not allowed to sell her options, she should choose the $5000 up front bonus. It represents a less risky asset. 3. Companies are often inclined to use stock options to compensate employees rather than exhausting cash flow. It does not directly cost a company anything in terms of â€Å"accounting costs. † There is, however, an implied economic cost equal to that of outside investors’ costs. The cost of a stock option is more or less a perceived cost, as the true value is not concrete and is virtually unknown at the time of issuance. This is due to the length of the option and specified strike price being of possible value at expiration date. The current value of an option is dependent on the performance of the company and its stock price, that is, in the future. Executive stock options help align an executive employee’s monetary compensation with both individual performance and the overall performance of the firm. In this sense, an executive is encouraged to act in the best interests of the firm and to also to take some risks to grow the company in which they work for and thus, increase the company’s stock prices. Stock options are an effective way to correlate performance and compensation, but mainly only for employees that are in positions that can have an affect on the company’s performance. Employees in executive, decision-making positions have the ability to impact the profitability and growth of the organization, whereas administrative assistant positions would not be as likely to improve performance due to being compensated with stock options. Companies could better individualize compensation packages for different positions. Executive positions fit the stock options benefit plan while administrative assistants may prefer stock purchasing rights rather than options. Other employees that fall somewhere in the middle would be better suited for a combination of monetary compensation, stock options and stock in the firm. In addition, stock options with a lessened length of time to the expiration date may prove to drive option-holding employees to set short-term, achievable goals. Employees would be given successive stock options to promote their care for the company without feeling as though they are being forced to stay with the organization. This set up of granting stock options would also help to encourage performance of employees to lead to both the short and long term success of the firm. . If Ms. Jameson decided that the option was a better deal, but was concerned with being too committed and reliant on the fortunes of Telstar, she could modify her compensation package to better suit her individual needs. Ms. Jameson would be taking considerable risk by keeping all of her bonus in Telstar for stock options with such a lengthy expiration date a nd also due to the historical data of Telstar showing that only stock prices reached $35 (the exercise price) only once. Instead of holding on to all 3,000 issued stock options, Ms. Jameson could keep a portion of the stock options and trade some in the market. Keeping some Telstar stock options would help keep her tied to the company without making her feel that she is bound to the company for the next five years or that she is facing enormous risk of losing her bonus altogether. By doing this, Ms. Jameson would provide herself with the opportunity to make investments outside of Telstar, and thus, better diversify her investments. How to cite Sally Jameson, Papers

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Market Strategies For Engaging Generation -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Market Strategies For Engaging Generation? Answer: Introducation Bollinger B1 primarily gained recognition as Worlds first all wheel and SUV drive occupied a predominant place in the realm of automobile industry. In order to expand the entire process of business in the global market the business experts of Bollinger B1 have decided to make an effective market plan for expanding the entire business wings in global market. The chronological steps of marketing plans are as follows: Making an effective situational analysis for evaluating the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the company Analyzing the current needs and demands of the customers Setting a proper marketing goals and objectives in order to achieve the boundary of target market Developing the marketing communication strategies and policies for drawing the attention f target customers from different geographical markets Setting a proper budget for making an effective marketing plan as per the financial strength of the SWOT Analysis: Before making an effective promotional activity, the business experts of Bollinger B1 has made SWOT analysis in order to evaluate the threats and opportunities of Bollinger B1 for making business expansion. Strength Weakness Bollinger B1 is eco-friendly product having less pollution scattering in the environment Regenerative breaking system with Hydro-pneumatic suspension is the unique selling point of this specific brand This particular brand has been considered as Worlds first all electric and all wheel drive SUV The feature of having no fuel consumption is one of the most effective strength of Bollinger B1 This particular product is primarily applicable for the customers of rural areas. Therefore, the number of target market is not very much high in range Bollinger B1 is able to attract the attention of those customers who love SUV features. Therefore, the business experts do not get enough scope and opportunity in expanding their entire process of business in urban areas. Opportunity Threats The business experts are having opportunity to expand their entire business process in the urban areas as well In order to enhance the range of target market the marketing managers have the scope to enhance their promotional budget Competitors market strategy is one of the most effective threats for Bollinger B1 The business experts may have to face difficulties in maintaining sustainability of business due to limited number of target customers Table 1: SWOT Analysis (Source: McDonald Wilson, 2016) Competitors Analysis: Before making an effective competitors analysis the business experts of Bollinger B1 have made proper chronological steps for analyzing the needs and demands of the customers. The steps are as follows: Identify the target customers: While identifying the target customers it has been observed that youngsters, elders, sports adventures and lovers are the primary target customers whom the business experts of Bollinger B1 have focused primarily. Bollinger B1 is a complete sports utility brand that provides no consumption fuel (Ryan, 2016). In addition, this specific brand is constituted with Dual front and rear motor present to produce more power and speed while pulling heavy weights. As a result, the youngsters are highly attracted towards its innovative features. In addition, the people belonging to the rural areas are its primary target customers. Analyze the market share Bollinger B1 has a wide range of business in rural areas primarily where the people are very concerned in using eco-friendly products for avoiding high range of carbon emission. While analyzing its market share it has also been observed that Bollinger B1 has not yet been introduced properly in the urban market. Therefore, the market share of this specific brand is very much limited (Armstrong et al., 2015). In order to enhance the market share rate Bollinger B1 would have to increase number of target customers by drawing the attention of people belonging to different geographical boundaries as well as cultural attitudes. Evaluate strength and weakness of competitors: In 2011, GGT electric has introduced new line of all-electric trucks for sale that has become a major threat for Bollinger B1. This particular brand also produces eco-friendly products with innovative designs. However, GGT electric is possessed with some of its major disadvantages as well. This particular company is primarily concerned in producing and manufacturing trucks only. Sports Utility Truck is the unique selling point of this specific brand. On the other hand, Bollinger B1 is primary recognized for its vehicles of different designs and models (Ashley Tuten, 2015). In addition, Phoenix Motorcars has introduced a test fleet of their all-electric SUT (Sports Utility Truck) to Mau in the year 2009. This particular brand has also created a major threat to Bollinger B1 by rendering all electric and all wheel drives. Executive marketing strategy for drawing the attention of customers After evaluating the competitors market threat Bollinger B1 has decided to launch vehicles of different deigns so that customers of various geographical boundaries and attitudes can easily get attracted towards the services. The brands like GGT electric, Phoenix Motorcars are primary concerned in producing electric trucks (Cronin-Gilmore, 2012). In order to render a serious competition in the market of different motor vehicles Bollinger B1 has emerged different products of innovative designs with the help of which people belonging to different geographical markets would like to show their interest in purchasing the products as well as services. Three marketing objectives: To provide eco-friendly products having no pollution in next 6 months To render more innovative designs for drawing the attention of large number of target customers in coming 6 months To make the configuration more advanced in technology for fulfilling the needs and demands of international customers Three financial objectives: To increase the rate of revenue in next 6 months by increasing sales volume of products To invest sufficient amount of money in promotional activities for introducing the product in urban areas as well in next 6 months To increase the remuneration package of employees for motivating them towards business services Marketing mix and digital marketing communication: Bollinger B1 business experts have decided to invest sufficient budget for increasing the promotional activity in order to draw the attention of large number of target customers. The marketing managers have primarily focused on sports adventures and lovers along with youngsters (Shank Lyberger, 2014). In order to reach the attention of those target customers the brand has focused to follow marketing mix strategies. The marketing managers have concentrated on highlighting 4 Ps of marketing mix strategies. These are as follows: Product: The vehicles are constituted with lightweight along with metal body. Vehicles are having power of saving many energy sources. Providing eco friendly products to the customers is one of the most effective features of Bollinger B1. It is at the same time undeniable that Bollinger B1 can produce vehicles of innovative designs (Lefebvre, 2013). It has achieved a special recognition in the market of SUV. This specific product is not only restricted to one type of vehicle. In addition, providing no fuel consumption is one of the most significant features that Bollinger B1 is having within it. Price: Bollinger B1 can produce eco-friendly products in affordable price range. At the same time, it is undeniable that this specific product is very not much restricted to premium clients. Both middle class people as well as premium clients are eligible for affording the products due to its moderate price range. In addition, the products have been made in making technologically advanced (Roberts Zahay, 2012). As a result, people in general may have to face difficulties in operating the vehicle properly. Affordable price range is one of the most significant strengths of this specific brand based on which the business experts have given a major competitors threat. Place: Place is one of the most important marketing mix strategies based on which the consumer behavior is highly dependent. Bollinger B1 has established their entire business process in convenient places (Liu, Kasturiratne Moizer, 2012). As a result, people belonging to different geographical markets do not have t struggle in availing the different counters of Bollinger B1. The primary target customers of this specific brand are primarily based on rural areas. Therefore, the business experts have entered into the market of different rural regions as well in order to draw the attention of their target customers. Promotion: While promoting the brand Bollinger B1 has focused on both digital marketing communication as well as traditional media for acquiring the attention of large number of people. The marketing managers have focused on street hoardings, public posters, different newspapers, news media channels and so many. By using the popularity of traditional media vehicles the business experts have drawn the attention of people from different age group (Morgan, 2012). On the other hand, in order to draw the attention of youngsters the marketing managers have focused to use digital media communication. Different social media pages are used to draw the attention of customers sitting different geographical corners. In order to draw the attention of young generation belonging to different countries social media is the best significant vehicles where the service providers can collect necessary feedback from customers of various places with the help of social media communication. Action plan to achieve marketing objectives Action Plan Description To provide eco-friendly products In order to produce eco-friendly products the business experts intend to use environmental friendly ingredients for manufacturing the vehicles To render more innovative designs In order to increase the number of target customers the business experts of Bollinger B1 have decided to render diversity in products and services To make the products more advanced in technology In order to draw the attention of youngsters as well as sports lover the product designers have introduced product innovation within the entire process of business. Implementing advanced technology in product operation is one of the most significant ways of gaining product image and reputation To increase the rate of revenue In order to expand the business process Bollinger B1 has to increase the revenue growth (Leeflang et al., 2014). As a result, business experts would have to expand their entire process of business in the global market. To invest sufficient amount of money in promotional activities It has been observed that Bollinger B1 did not focus on maintaining an effective promotional campaign that can attract the attention of target customers from different geographical areas as well. Therefore, promotional activities should be increased. Consequently, Bollinger B1 would have to increase their promotional budget. To increase the remuneration package of employees Increasing remuneration package is highly important to motivate the employees towards business services. The success of a particular business organization is highly dependent on the performance level of employees (Hays, Page Buhalis, 2013). Therefore, providing rewards and recognition encourages the motivation level of performers. Automatically business organization would be able to reach the peak of success. Table 2: Action Plan (Source: Morgan, Katsikeas Vorhies, 2012) Implementation and control of marketing plan In order to implement the marketing objectives, plans and policies the business executives of Bollinger B1 have focused on some of the most significant areas so that they can implement the marketing plan as well as control the risk factors as well. Bollinger B1 should render product variety in order to draw the attention of urban customers as well. If the business experts fail to draw the attention of urban customers, the marketing managers should focus on rural target market at once by entering more areas that are rural (Castronovo Huang, 2012). Employees should be paid for addition work hour so that they tend to provide their best effort towards the services. If the employees fail to perform well the business experts can withdraw the policy of rewards and recognition The business experts should focus on using the popularity of social media more effectively rather than focusing on using traditional media (Terpstra, Foley Sarathy, 2012). If the service providers fail to operate advanced technology, the business executives can provide an effective training and development session to the employees in order to enhance their technological skill and competency. Reference List: Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M., Brennan, R. (2015).Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education. Ashley, C., Tuten, T. (2015). Creative strategies in social media marketing: An exploratory study of branded social content and consumer engagement.Psychology Marketing,32(1), 15-27. Castronovo, C., Huang, L. (2012). Social media in an alternative marketing communication model.Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness,6(1), 117. Cronin-Gilmore, J. (2012). Exploring marketing strategies in small businesses.Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness,6(1), 96. Hays, S., Page, S. J., Buhalis, D. (2013). Social media as a destination marketing tool: its use by national tourism organisations.Current issues in Tourism,16(3), 211-239. Leeflang, P. S., Verhoef, P. C., Dahlstrm, P., Freundt, T. (2014). Challenges and solutions for marketing in a digital era.European management journal,32(1), 1-12. Lefebvre, R. C. (2013).Social marketing and social change: Strategies and tools for improving health, well-being, and the environment. John Wiley Sons. Liu, S., Kasturiratne, D., Moizer, J. (2012). A hub-and-spoke model for multi-dimensional integration of green marketing and sustainable supply chain management.Industrial Marketing Management,41(4), 581-588. McDonald, M., Wilson, H. (2016).Marketing Plans: How to prepare them, how to profit from them. John Wiley Sons. Morgan, N. A. (2012). Marketing and business performance.Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science,40(1), 102-119. Morgan, N. A., Katsikeas, C. S., Vorhies, D. W. (2012). Export marketing strategy implementation, export marketing capabilities, and export venture performance.Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science,40(2), 271-289. Roberts, M. L., Zahay, D. (2012).Internet marketing: Integrating online and offline strategies. Cengage Learning. Ryan, D. (2016).Understanding digital marketing: marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation. Kogan Page Publishers. Shank, M. D., Lyberger, M. R. (2014).Sports marketing: A strategic perspective. Routledge. Terpstra, V., Foley, J., Sarathy, R. (2012).International marketing. Naper Press. Theodosiou, M., Kehagias, J., Katsikea, E. (2012). Strategic orientations, marketing capabilities and firm performance: An empirical investigation in the context of frontline managers in service organizations.Industrial Marketing Management,41(7), 1058-1070

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I Stand Here Ironing free essay sample

A Theme is Controlled Though the Setting and the Atmosphere In the short story â€Å"I Stand Here Ironing† by Tillie Olsen there is an atmosphere which has an overwhelming feeling of torment and a sense of regret. Taking place during the 1930s and 1940s a single mother has to cope with the Great Depression, WWII, and the feminist movement of the 1950s while raising her first born daughter Emily. A conflict is created by the lack of understanding the single teenage mother has for raising her first child. The theme that arises from this story is that to what extent can a mother be held responsible for her child’s problems, and that society must take some responsibility. â€Å"She is a child of her age, of depression, of war, of fear. † This quotation appears at the end of the second-to-last paragraph, which is preceded by the narrator’s exhortation regarding Emily to â€Å"Let her be. We will write a custom essay sample on I Stand Here Ironing or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page † The narrator says this because she does not take full responsibility for the outcome of Emily’s life. The Great Depression had left its mark, creating massive poverty and unemployment. Being unemployed and without any financial relief the narrator is left to face the world alone This meant Emily was to face her own world alone for most of her childhood while her mother struggled to keep a job. The war created fear in America, even with a victory of WWII the proceeding Cold War only made it worse. The narrator feels somewhat cheated that the world Emily was raised in was a cruel and harsh one. Though the narrator blames society and the world for the way Emily is she also blames herself. She takes responsibility for some of the things that had gone wrong in Emily’s life, but tells herself that she had no choice but to work late hours and lose her time with Emily. Through all this Emily grew up to be gloomy with a lack of popularity, and low self-esteem. The narrator though chooses to describe Emily as a sensitive, thoughtful, and selfless individual who has survived through a terrible ordeal. Emily is blind to anything positive about herself; instead she chooses to hide in the shadow of her younger sister Susan. Who in Emily’s eyes is everything she is not, this creates a sad and depressing atmosphere for Emily. The narrator sees a spark of hope though in her youngest child Ronnie, she feels that see can write her wrongs in him and fix what she has broken in herself. With Emily grown up she doesn’t see any opportunity to fix what is wrong, though she also releases that she must let Emily be. Even though Emily has had a grim life there is still hope from all that has happened, Emily has gifts, which she can use to bring the better out in herself. In the ending paragraph the author feels resentment and cold for everything that has happened to Emily, but she also sees a glimmer of hope in her future. The atmosphere and setting have contributed a lot to the theme of the story. They have created a deeper sense in the raising of a child on your own. This story doesn’t hide the pain a mother gave her child or the pain the child caused the mother, it lets people see things in a different light, a light in which is dim and gloomy.

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Advice on Writing an Effective Personal Statement

Advice on Writing an Effective Personal Statement Definition A personal statement is an autobiographical essay that many colleges, universities, and professional schools require as part of the admissions process. Also called a  statement of purpose, admissions essay, application essay, graduate school essay, letter of intent, and goals statement. The personal statement is generally used to determine a students ability to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, think critically, and write effectively. See Observations and Recommendations below. Also see: Compose a Narrative Essay or Personal StatementCritical ThinkingIllustrationNarrationPersonal EssayPersonal LetterRevision and Editing Checklist for a Narrative Essay Observations and  Recommendations Get good advice[T]he essay or personal statement began as a gauge of student enthusiasm (Why in particular do you wish to attend Bates College?). Over the years, it has been called upon to do other work: to capture how the applicant thinks; to reveal how he or she writes; to uncover information about values, spirit, personality, passions, interests, and maturity. . . .Admissions officers, counselors, teachers, and students in my survey rated what matters most in an application essay. All four groups agreed that the most important criteria are correctness, organization, specific evidence, and an individual style. . . .As an applicants best chance to plead his or her own case, the essay is a valuable piece in the admissions puzzle. Students need the advice of someone who knows them well to put together a convincing case, and parents are great resources, with their firsthand information about and commitment to their children.(Sarah Myers McGinty, The Application Essay. Chronicle of Hig her Education, January 25, 2002) Get startedIts difficult for most people to write about themselves, especially something personal or introspective. The following suggestions may help your creative juices to flow.Consult friends and relatives for ideas. . . .Take inventory of your unique experience, major influences, and abilities. . . .Write an experimental creative essay in which you are the main character. . . .Assemble your applications and determine how many essays you must write. . . .Get feedback from others before completing your final draft.(Mark Allen Stewart, How to Write the Perfect Personal Statement, 4th ed. Petersons, 2009) Keep it realAuthenticity is what matters in personal statements, in my experience. Strong writing and scrupulous proofreading are essential, but most of all, the topic and the expression must bring alive in the minds and hearts of the readers some aspect of the real teenager writing the statement. . . .Writing a strong personal statement calls upon you to observe your real life, a s it is, and get it on paper. Your best writing will emerge when you slow down to notice and record not just what happened, but also the small sensory details that make up the important and challenging events of your life. In a nutshell: Keep it real; show, don’t tell.(Susan Knight, director of college placement at the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice in Brooklyn. The New York Times, September 11, 2009) Make it relevantWith so many students getting similar grades, personal statements are often all that universities have to go on, says Darren Barker of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (Ucas). That’s why we advise applicants to take them seriously. . . .â€Å"You need to express yourself concisely and give thought to what universities are likely to regard as relevant, he says. If you have done work-shadowing in the field in which you have chosen an academic course, that’s obviously a plus. But even extra-curricular things on your CV can be worth including. . . .Personal statements are just that, personal. . . . This is about youwho you are, where you have come from and where you want to go. Bluff, spin a line, pretend you are something you are not and you will be found out.(Julie Flynn, Ucas Form: A Very Personal Statement of Intent. The Daily Telegraph, October 3, 2008) Be specificA possible area of discussion in your personal statement might be around what led you to pursue medicine as a career. You could discuss the courses, people, events or experiences that have influenced you and why. Discuss your extracurricular activities and why you participated. Tell about your educational experiences and summer internships. When doing so, write chronologically. . . .Be specific and do not exaggerate. Be philosophical and idealistic, but be realistic. Express your concern for others and share your unique experience that had a profound effect on your career choice. Express all of these things, but show your sense of value, partnership, independence and determination.(William G. Byrd, A Guide to Medical School Admission. Parthenon, 1997) FocusStatements may be weak for several reasons. The most foolish thing you can do probably is not to proofread what you write. Who wants to hire someone who turns in a statement with spelling, grammatical, or capitalization errors? An unfocused statement is also not likely to help you. Hiring institutions like to see focus, clarity, and coherence, not a stream-of-consciousness approach that seems incoherent to the reader, however coherent it may seem to you. Also, do not just say what you are interested in. Say what you have done about your interests.(Robert J. Sternberg, The Job Search. The Portable Mentor, ed. by M. J. Prinstein and M. D. Patterson. Kluwer Academic/Plenum, 2003) Know yourselfAdmissions officers say the most successful essays show curiosity and self-awareness. Says Cornells [Don] Saleh: Its the only thing that really lets us see inside your soul. While theres no one right formula for soul baring, there are many wrong ones. Its disastrous to write, as a Rice applic ant did, of what he could bring to the University of California. A self-absorbed or arrogant tone is also a guaranteed turnoff. Exhibit A: a Rice essay beginning, I have accumulated a fair amount of wisdom in a relatively limited time of life. Exhibit B: a Cornell applicant who set out to describe the indescribable essence of myself.(Jodie Morse et al., Inside College Admissions. Time, October 23, 2000)

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Commercial law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 2

Commercial law - Essay Example Once the terms of an agency agreement have been made, it is important to draft a written contract that any of the parties involved can request, which would state the duration of the contract among other things. An agency agreement usually contains the fixed term of the contract, exists for an indefinite term that is terminable and lastly a fixed term that can be extended if agreed by both parties1. In relation to Rosie and Simon’s case, the parties did have a written contract or agency agreement that did not state the terms of their contract in detail. The implication of this is that it might be difficult for Simon to prove that Rosie went against the terms of the contract that they had agreed upon through the written agency agreement. Additionally, Rosie is in breach of the contract they agreed upon with Simon because she did not give Simon the 10% commission that they had agreed on when he sold a piece of work for her. In order for Simon to be safe, he would have made sure that he drafted a contract that captured much detail on how he was to make money out of the contract. For this reason, Rosie could be entitled to not pay Simon. On the contrary, the Commercial Agents regulation requires that either of the parties wishing to terminate an agreement entered for an indefinite period issue adequate notice to the other party, which Rosie did not comply. The regulation requires that a person provides notice of termination depending on the period they have been in the contract. For example, if they have been in the contract for a year, they should issue a one months’ notice, two years attracts a two months’ notice and so on. Therefore, Simon has grounds to seek compensation for the breaching of the contract that he had entered into with Rosie based on not being issued with proper notice. The regulation requires that a principal act dutifully to the agent and in good faith to which she did not